The Storage Specialists

Our Storage Philosophy

At Simple Storage Solutions we believe in delivering three key elements to all our self storage customers whether they are domestic or business based. In fact, we believe so strongly in these key deliverables that they became our philosophy; Confidence, Safety and Trust.        Individually they don’t mean much, but when combined they create an impenetrable customer proposition that simply isn’t matched. We are the customer-focussed, self storage specialists who are able to cater for your every storage need; we are your Simple Storage Solution.

Have Confidence  |  When Choosing Us

At Simple Storage Solutions we give you complete confidence when making your decision on whether or not to use our first class self storage units. Our customer-focussed orientation allows us to completely understand your needs, suggest the most appropriate solution and guarantee that no issues or obstacles will arise for the entire duration of your risk-free stay.

This pledge of confidence is reinforced by our assurance that you simply will not find better value-for-money from any other self storage company as unlike our competitors, we fully understand the dynamics of storage and translate this through an unbeatable proposition.

Feel Safety  |  When Using Us

At Simple Storage Solutions we supply maximum safety to both you and your possessions for the entire duration of you storage stay with us. In regards to the safety of your items and possessions, our self storage units are fully sealed and are only accessible by you as you provide your own padlock for maximum peace of mind.

This is reinforced by our fully automated, 24hr CCTV and alarm systems that guarantee the well-being of your stored items. In regards to the safety of yourself we operate automatic closing-shutters, fully lit hallways and our word that you are in the best possible hands.

Own Trust  |  When Dealing With Us

At Simple Storage Solutions we enable you to feel maximum trust in our ability to satisfy your self storage needs through a highly reliant, genuine and sincere customer experience. We operate pro-active and sincere customer service with our chief aim to keep you happy at all times. You can rely on us, depend on us and rest assured that nobody takes self storage as serious as us.

Our Storage Proposition

At Simple Storage Solutions we offer a solid and differentiated proposition that allows us to provide our unrivalled self storage experience to both domestic and business customers.

  • Value – In simple terms, we provide value-for-money that just isn’t beat by any of our competitors. We don’t just provide great self storage solutions; we provide the very best service by offering things that truly matter. From zero deposits to 24/7 access as standard to unique indoor loading abilities; we are fully committed to becoming your number one storage company choice.
  • Protection – We not only guarantee the safety of your contents in our self storage facilities through rigid unit construction and 24/7 security systems; but we also provide personal physical protection and financial protection that ensures you will not encounter hikes in prices for the entire duration of your stay.
  • Choice – We house a huge selection of different self storage unit sizes that guarantees we have the solution for your domestic and business storage needs. We also understand the importance of flexibility and that your storage requirements can alter from time to time; so with this in mind you can easily up or downsize with zero fuss providing that we have your new desired size unit available.
  • Convenience – We give self storage a personal touch and believe that total customer convenience is obligatory rather than optional. This pledge of convenience translates into uninterrupted 24/7 access as standard, zero deposits and a complete hassle-free experience when dealing with us.
  • Care – We offer without doubt the most genuine and stress-free customer care that is driven by our desire of operating the very best self storage customer experience. Our prompt and friendly customer care is available across all our communication channels including telephone, email, face-to-face and social media.
  • Innovation – We believe that self storage is amidst radical change fueled by the internet and ever-changing social conventions. With the internet now the primary means of commerce, we have adapted our company to utilise the power of real-time automated technology to allow the most enjoyable and forward-thinking self storage operation.

Our Storage Values

At Simple Storage Solutions we believe in a distinct set of values that form the platform for our entire operation and allow us to provide our unrivaled self storage customer experience to both domestic and business customers.

  • Simplicity – We believe so strongly in being simple we put it into our name. By keeping things simple we are able to react quicker, operate faster and provide a more efficient self storage service to all our domestic and business customers.
  • Satisfaction – As a customer-orientated business, we believe in solving every domestic and business logistical problem and satisfying every conceivable self storage need. Maximum satisfaction is not a meaningless clique to us; it’s our way of life.
  • Reliance – We believe in providing not only the most reliant and dependable storage units, but also the most consistent and trustworthy customer service. There is absolutely no storage requirement, issue or dilemma that you can’t rely on us to solve.
  • Sustainable – We believe in only offering self storage units that are designed to last and stand the test of time. We only supply the most robust units to customers with the protection and safety of stored items paramount to our interest. This allows us to create sustainable relationships with all our domestic and business customers ensuring a pleasurable storage stay.
  • Progression – We believe and understand that the needs and expectations of both our domestic and business customers change over time. Therefore, we are committed to constant business self-improvement and developing new methods of customer value through our storage solutions.