Dreamy De-Cluttering (Infographic)


This simple infographic will introduce the ten main tips for de-cluttering your home.

Dreamy Decluttering 2


  • Plan – Any attempt to de-clutter your home must begin with a clear and concise plan of action that completely maps out what rooms you intend to clear out and in what order.
  • Organise – De-cluttering your home is a large and time intensive process that should be treated seriously. You should tackle one room at a time; with the easiest or smallest rooms coming first as immediate results will aid your motivation!
  • Dedicate – After understanding the size of your de-cluttering task, allocate suitable time frames in line with desired goals. For example, if there are only a few rooms to tidy then dedicate a full day or two evenings. However, if the task spans the entire house then commit to an entire weekend of clearing chaos!
  • Visualise – Always try and visualise the room you are clearing before you even start to have an idea of what you would like to achieve. Just aimlessly de-cluttering with no end goal can dramatically increase the time and effort required.
  • Clean & Dispose – During the de-cluttering process you should clean as-you-go to maximise the effect that each room will receive during the clear out. Always have a vacum cleaner, duster and all surface polish on hand! Along with this, always have a handy black bag to dispose of rubbish!
  • ‘Uncertain’ Pile – Don’t spend much time on debating whether or not to keep an item but rather place them into an ‘uncertain’ box or bag and only go back to them after finishing the entire de-cluttering task.
  • Utilise – With space coming at a premium at most homes, you must make the most of the space you already have. Can you store items within items, install shelving, store in the attic/loft or purchase storage boxes to aid your de-cluttering effort?
  • Sort – Arguably the most vital part of any de-cluttering task is the basic sorting of items and the decision on whether to discard or keep. You should be able to make that decision fairly quickly with any hesitation probably meaning that an item is not needed.
  • Sell/Donate – Always remember that you can either donate to charity or sell unwanted items online. Further to this, if you can’t bring yourself to throw away long-kept family heirlooms then try giving them away to other family members who may have the space for them.
  • Self Storage –  If you finish your de-cluttering task and find that you still have too much stuff littered around your home then you should consider self storage. Simple Storage Solutions offers highly competitive rates and an unbeatable proposition to domestic customers who are in de-cluttering mode; visit our website for more information!