Perfect Packing (Infographic)

This simple infographic (TipOgraphic) will introduce the eleven main packing tips to home movers. If you have already sold your current house and bought your new property; then this is the infographic for you!

Home moving based infographic for self storage customers

  • Plan – Make sure you plan well ahead in advance creating lists of rooms, items, special arrangements, insurance needed, packaging material needed etc. Cover absolutely every base and leave nothing to chance as the better you plan; the easier the packing will be!
  • Weigh In – Always pack heavy items in smaller boxes and light items in larger boxes. By doing this, you will never encounter any nasty surprises when it comes to lifting! Think about things logically and thoroughly pre-sort your rooms to ensure that the actual time spent packing is minimized.
  • Quality Control – Always ensure that you use sufficient amounts of wrapping materials and protection for items (especially if valuable & priceless!) otherwise damage could occur. The quality of the materials however comes second to the quality and care of your own physical packing skills!
  • Resist Overload – No matter how tempting it may be, don’t overload boxes with unrelated items! The less boxes you use, the less organised you have been which means more time wasted and stress created when it comes to unpacking it all in your new home.
  • Stretch Cover – For expensive, very fragile and highly prized possessions; make sure that they are covered by your home insurance cover and if not, take the necessary steps to stretching your policy to give yourself ultimate protection and peace-of-mind!
  • ‘Welcome’ Box – Pack a box that can be opened immediately after unloading all the boxes into your new home such as a kettle, tea and biscuits!
  • ‘Vitals’ Box – Pack a box full of essential items that could be used throughout the whole moving day such as snacks, first aid kit, lists, wallet etc.
  • ‘Survival’ Box – Pack a box or label several that contain items needed for the first night in your new home. Toiletries, clean clothes, duvets and pillows will all be packed into this box or labelled under this moniker.
  • One-By-One – Split up your home into chunks by targeting each room one-by-one when packing. Don’t be tempted to pack together similar items from various rooms as it will make the unpacking task much harder and time consuming!
  • Grouping – Taking one room at a time, group together similar items as often as you can to again ease the task of unpacking at your new home. Grouping not only applies to item type, but also the level of fragility associated with particular items ensuring that nothing gets damaged.
  • Labelling – Arguably the most important packing tip is to make sure that you accurately label and tag absolutely every box with their room type, contents sort and level of fragility. By using a clear labelling system, you can rest assured that the task of packing and unpacking will be made considerably simpler and easier.