We are your Personal Storage solution

No matter where you live, the amount of space you have will always be limited thus restricting your ability to logistically re-arrange your home. Have the kids grown up and flown the nest? Are you converting the attic into a room? Has the garage replaced your car for boxes? No matter the size of the room or the size of the rearrangement project, we can cater for all your personal storage needs.

How about those pieces of furniture and personal items that are worthless yet you can’t bear to throw away? We can store them to! We also cater for the secure storage of your highly prized and expensive possessions when your home is unable to guarantee long-term safety.

So whether you’re decluttering your home of beloved possessions, clearing out rooms or looking to keep personal items in a safe place to guarantee their protection; we guarantee to have the self storage solution to your personal storage problem.

Our Promise Makes Personal Storage Simple

  • Our Customer Care is of the highest quality which is driven by our desire of operating the very best self storage customer experience. Our prompt and friendly customer care is available across all our communication channels including telephone, email, face-to-face and social media.
  • Zero Deposit for all personal storage users when purchasing their self storage units.
  • We Will Price Match absolutely any quote that you have.
  • Huge Choice of storage units for personal storage users meaning that you only every pay for the space that you need.
  • Variable Term stays available including short, medium and long term with only a 14 day notice period required.
  • Maximum Protection is given to personal storage user’s items at all times through our fully-automated security and safety systems with our indoor loading ability (excluding Coventry) ensuring personal safety and convenience.
  • 24/7 Access at zero additional cost is provided to personal storage users meaning that you have complete access to your items every single second of the day.
  • We provide Competitive Insurance as all personal storage users must have their items legally covered if they are to store with us. It also means that you have total peace of mind as your possessions are fully protected.
  • Packaging Materials are available on all our sites for home movers including cardboard boxes, tape and bubble wrap to more securely store your personal possessions along with pallet trucks and trolleys to ensure effortless loading.