Welcome To The Storage Corner Blog!

Untitled-1aHello and welcome to the Storage Corner! The official blog of Simple Storage Solutions and your main outlet of self-storage news, inspiration and advice!

With many self-storage companies offering the same old regurgitated approach to blogging; the Storage Corner will take a different approach to storage blogging by providing you with content that interests, intrigues and inspires.

We believe that self-storage is a personal service that requires a personal touch; which is why we will try harder than any other to provide relevant and meaningful content that answers or finds solutions to your storage needs and requirements.

So why is our blog better than anyone else’s? It’s quite simple really; we focus on three elements that ensure every post is of the highest relevance and significance to either you’re domestic or business storage questions. 

  • Our Content Is Interesting – From every word to every image, we provide content that captures your attention and provides a perfect reason to read and share.
  • Our Posts Are Intriguing – Regardless of the particular topic, our posts are designed to evoke the curiosity in you regarding self-storage. With our passion for storage unrivalled, you can rest assured that our content is equally as impressive.
  • Our Blog Is Inspiring – We don’t just want to interest and intrigue, our blog is designed to inspire action from yourselves whether it be a lifestyle or business change that self-storage provides.